Complete shows

Complete shows are perfect for local events. Your audience gets entertaint for 30, 45 or even 60 minutes of none stop action. Motorcyclestunts, Carcrashes, two wheel driving and fire stunts are all part of every show. The thrill and excitement of a variety of stunt diciplines alternated with humor are our recipe for a show your audience will never forget. Your event will be remembered and talked about for years to come.

Two Wheel Driving 

Driving a car on just two wheels. First introduced by the Hell Drivers, later even performed in a James Bond movie. Amazing to see and a great opportunity for several different tricks and jokes.

Our driver goes fast, slow, lets someone climb out of the vehicle while driving on two wheels and even gives some of the audience a chance to ride with him.

Motorcycle Jumps

Motorcycle Jumps over fire, cars, people or anything else that excites your audience. We can start small and go faster and bigger afterwards.

The audience will feel the excitement when the jumper wants to go just a little further then the team likes. He breaks off on the first run-up. Then tries again ...

Fire Stunts

No stuntshow without  fire. We do the classics; motorcycle and car through fire. But we also add fire to many other stunts where possible.

Even during crashes cars burst into flames to add to the effect, and to the excitement of your audience, who didn't know about this fire effect prior to the crash.


A crash is much more then just two cars colliding. Our crashmen have made destroying cars into a fine art.

Watch your audience in thrill during roll-over crashes, salto mortale crashes, side winder crashes and T-bone crashes

Missed By An Eyelashes

Rarely seen in stuntshows now-a-days because of the extreme high risk if not performed well. That's why our team is always on their toes during these stunts. But the Chinese table and Russian low bridge really add variety and thrills to the show.


Similar to the other crashes in the show but a bit bigger, faster and heavier.

The final car smash is the grand finale to every show.