Film Services

Besides show stunts Dantes Stunt Services also provide action for television programmes, comercials, TV series and movies.  We specialise in the technical part of the stunts, and often work with or under a stunt-coordinator to achief the maximum action result for your production. 

After years of expirience is both show and video productions with Dantes Stunt Services you can insure your production of the best and safest action possible. 

Just a few examples below:

Car Crashes into water

One of our specialties is cars crashing into water. Our on-land crew focusses on making the scene look exactly perfect until the car goes completely under and the shot is cut. Our own underwater safety team then takes over. They have developed a unique way to make this stunt as safe as any crash on land. 

Some productions we have done this for are; Famlilie,  #LikeMe, Scherven, Gina & Chantal, David telenouvelle, Matrioshki and Talaash.

Ofcourse our underwater safety team can be hired for all other water-related scenes as well.

Car Crashes and Hard Hits

Crashing a car into a fixed object like a wall or a tree is not for anyone. Our years in show-work crashing cars on a daily bases has given us the knowhow, experience and equipment to walk away unharmed from crashes that will seem leathal to your viewer.

Some productions we have done this for are; Yummy, Proefkonijnen, Saiphems health, and Hoe zal ik het zeggen?  

Motorcycle Crashes

We live in an era where crazy things are possible on a motorcycle and backflips have become the new standard in motorcycle riding.

But creating a realistic crash on any kind of bike has become more and more challanging.

We have the expirience and materials to create any kind of crash on any kind of motorcycle.

Because falling off a bike isn't as easy as it looks.

Some productions we have done this for are; Just say yes, Blik op de weg, Tuwlip thong, Witse, SNS bank - sparen, and Wat als?


Make no mistake about it! Anyone can set themselves on fire. 

But very few can make it look realistic, and walk away from it unhurt. 

Playing with fire is a profession, not a game.

Some productions we have done this for are; Wat Schat je, Wedden dat ik het kan, Burn energy drink, Het zesde zintuig and Home, number 14.

Motorcycle Jumps

Motorcycle Jumping is a showman's game. So if you're going to have a motorcycle jump in your picture movie why not use a stuntteam that has wide experience in both show and film.

Some productions we have done this for are; Kompaan stuntdubble beer,  Hard Target 2 and Brainstorm.

Special Requests

Motion picture work often requires special materials and special techniques in order to create just the shot you are aiming for.

After more then 30 years in the business nothing is impossible for us.

Whatever it is you are looking for just drop us a note or give us a call and together we will make it happen.