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Hire stuntpeople for your action scenes

Are you filming in or near the Netherlands? Or are you looking for a partner to perform a large complicated stunt anywhere in the world? We have over 25 years of experience with anything from small commercials and video clips to Hollywood and Bollywood blockbusters. From medieval movies to films that set far into the future. For what we can't do (alone) we have the best contacts in the business. The best materials and the best insurance. Nothing is left to chance to provide you with the most realistic and safest action scenes possible.
In filming safety and action are both of utmost importances. Even though these factors seem like opposites it is in fact possible to film spectacular action in a totally safe environment. To establish this it is absolutely crucial to work with professionals in this field.
Whether your aim is jumping or rolling a car, hiring a stuntman for a body burn or a highfall, or a stuntgirl for a fall down the stairs. There is always potential hazard for the stuntperformer, the cameramen, and the rest of the crew. There for when hiring a stuntteam experience and set safety are important keywords.
We are your partner for everything from big action scenes with cars and motorcycles, fire stunts and extreme falls to smaller stunts that actors and actresses can be trained to perform themselves. You can also rent our safety divers and riggers or customize your vehicle to comply with your needs. Find our information on the contact page and call us today!