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chinese table & ramp extreme timing stunt

Chinese table & ramp

You announce an exciting, super dangerous, sensational timing stunt with a car and a motorcycle. You can't really tell more about it because explaining this stunt in detail is very difficult. Actually, it's three stunts that are very precisely and gracefully combined within one second. This is a stunt that your audience should see more than once. Because it is very complex and there is a lot of action at the same time.
At the start of the stunt we see a two meter high motorcycle ramp. Twenty-five meters behind the ramp a man stands on a high stool of about two meters high. A motorcyclist will use the ramp to jump over the man who stands on the stool. This is not possible as long as that man is on that stool. This is only possible if the man is no longer standing on the stool at the moment the motor flies over him, but lies flat on the ground. A third stunt man has to take care of that. He drives a car into the stool. At the same time that the motorcycle starts from the right, the car leaves from the left. This stuntman in the car must be at the stool with the man before the motorcyclist is there. The car drives the stool away from under the man, after which the stuntman who stood on the stool begins to fall down. Exactly at the moment when the man standing on the stool is lying on the ground, the motorcycle flies over him. The car must therefore be at the stool a little before the motorcycle. But not too early because the car then crashes into the motorcycle ramp (obviously this is accompanied by a beautiful fire effect). The car should therefore not arrive at the ramp earlier than the motorcycle is 'loose' from the ramp.
Graceful and elegant! A precision stunt that is best watched with the audience is a little further away from the stunt. This way it is easier to see everything happen exactly at the right time than when you are very close to it.
This stunt can be built up and executed in a few minutes during an event. Before the start of the event however, we need a number of hours to get the distances and timing just right. This must be done at exactly the same place where the stunt takes place during the event.
This is a four-man stunt. One man in the car, one man on the bike, one man on the stool, and a fourth person for safety and coordination.
If the car hits the motorcycle, or the motorcycle hits the man on the stool, the consequences are incalculable. As an organizer you know that this will not happen, because you have seen the rehearsals before the event. However, your audience knows nothing about these rehearsals and will certainly doubt whether this will work out, and whether it is possible at all. Until, after a few 'failed practice runs' a perfect, very nice timing stunt is performed at your event.