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Car Jump

Imagine: In run-up to your event, you announce in social media and press that someone is going to jump over the big party tent with a car. Most people will not believe it and laugh it away. But during the build-up of your event they come to have a look anyway, just in case. And yes! A gigantic ramp is being built next to the party tent. Would it really be true? What is true in any case is that your event will soon be sold out. And the car jump itself? Leave that to Stuntteam Daring Dantes.
Obviously, a long run is required for the car jump. The car leaves the ramp at a speed of about 80 km / h depending on the details. The car lands on the other side of the tent on car wrecks.
Is there no party tent present or for other reasons we can't jump over the party tent? No worries! There is probably something fun and original to think of to flying over with the car. Or we do a burning car jump. Just through the air. Especially in the evening it is a magnificent spectacle to see the car flying high through the air.
For you as an organization it is of course important that all this happens safely. And of course that is also very important to us. The car is professionally well-balanced in advance, equipped with a roll cage, four-point seat belt, race seat, racing tank, safety switch and even, if the car jump is over water, a double compressed air system. In the latter case, a complete rescue diving team is also present in the water.
The stuntman himself is also fully protected with helmet and neck brace from the Formula 1 racing scene. A connecting body protector, fire retardant clothing and so on.
Nothing is left to chance to make the car jump well and safe. But your audience does not need to know that. Let them enjoy the illusion that it is really all extremely dangerous.