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motorcycle jump over trucks


Motorcycle jumps? Everyone has seen those during motocross races. You don't come to an event specially for that. But we are not talking about a normal motorcycle jump here. We bring the times of Evil Knievel to your event! A well-announced motorcycle jump over an object, over water, a party tent, trucks, whatever you can think of.
Prior to the event, a very high big ramp is built up. And a landing ramp a bit further. The motorcyclestuntman will jump from one ramp to the other at high speed. You want to be there! You want to see that! You will certainly come to your event for that!
And the motorcycle jump itself? Daring Dantes does that for you. The objects that can be jumped over are infinite. We leave this entirely to your imagination. Every proposal is welcome. The crazier, the more attention your event will receive by the public and the press. But it must all fit on the available location, and within your budget. A reasonable amount of space is required for a motorcycle jump. Although a motorcycle accelerates quickly, the total space required (run-up plus ramp length plus jumped distance plus landing ramp length plus run-out) is quite considerable. It is therefore advisable to look closely at the location at an early stage with someone from our team and make clear agreements about the stunt arena and the safety zones.
For you as an organization it is important that all this happens safely. And of course that is also very important for us. Everything is calculated and tested in advance. Practice jumps are made before the start of the event. The protection of the stuntman himself is also taken good care of. We use the best protectors available that are also used in professional motocross. Nothing is left to chance behind the scenes to make the motorcycle jump proceed safely. But your audience does not need to know that. Let them enjoy the thrill and revive the times of Evil Knievel's, assuming that what is about to happen is really dangerous.