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video of timing stunt with trailer

Jump! Low bridge

A stunt that will leave your audience amazed and with disbelieve. Did we really see what we just saw? Is this really possible?
The act starts with the announcement of a stunt where a stuntman will drive his car into a trailer. This will cause the roof of his car to come off and the car will come out as a convertible on the other side of the trailer. However, it all seems to go wrong. Someone has not measured everything well beforehand and the car is a little too high to be able to execute the stunt successfully. If, however, a second stuntman stands on the roof of the car, the springs appear to be pressed just enough that the height is corrected. Only ... that man can not possibly stay there? The car drives to its starting position with the second man still on top of the car. Then the car starts his run up. This cannot be! The man on top of the car will crash into the trailer!
The car drives against the trailer at high speed. The car is scalped by the low trailer. The man standing on the roof of the car jumps up just in time to avoid being hit by the trailer. Because the forward speed of the man standing on the car is equal to that of the car itself, the man flies over the trailer. On the other side of the trailer he lands nicely in the just-created convertible. The public cheers loudly, but will always keep doubting whether this was real, or a trick.
It is real, and it can be really dangerous. Although physics shows that this is very possible, this stunt must be prepared very carefully and nothing must be left to chance. The surface must be hard and nice and flat. And both the car and the trailer have to be prepared very carefully for this stunt. Everything needs to be accurately measured in advance. And a large part of this work must take place on the event site on a day prior to the event.
But when the time is there, this work will pay off. A unique stunt that your audience has certainly never seen before and will surely make them come back to your event again next year.