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stunt with bus

Drive through ....

....... but not Mc Donald's style. This is drive through stunt style.
Due to the large volume this stunt is very suitable for events where there is a lot of space and the audience is a bit further away from the stunt arena.
Let your audience revive the times of Alain Vincx and Thierry Allard with this hard, big stunt that killed Alain Vincx in the 80s on the circuit of Zantvoort.
Before the start of this stunt one or more busses must be placed accurately in the stunt arena. This requires large equipment and takes time. In addition, a lot of work has to be done on the buses beforehand in preparation for the stunt. This happens on a day prior to the event at the location itself. But once everything is in place, you have a great stunt for your event. And with the right preparations completely safe and responsible.
The car drives to its starting position and then does a warm-up run. All this to warm up the audience for the stunt. The speaker nowtells the audience that the car will drive straight through the bus (ses), and points out the many dangers that come with this stunt. Then the car goes full speed strait onto the bus(ses). With a huge explosion the car drives into the (first) bus, Then we see the car no more, we only see a huge fireball moving through the bus (ses). While the car is moving through the bus (ses), the audience holds their breath. 'All that fire!, was that really planned?'
For you as organisor it is important that all of this happens safely. And of course that is also very important to us. The car is professionally balanced in advance, equipped with a roll cage, four-point seat belt, race seat, racing tank and safety switch. The buses are carefully prepared in advance. But this is invisible from the outside.
The stuntman himself is also fully protected with helmet and neck brace from the Formula 1 racing scene, a connecting body protector, fire retardant clothing and so on.
Nothing is left to chance to make the drive through car stunt go smoothly and safely. But your audience does not need to know that. Let them enjoy the illusion that it is really all extremely dangerous.