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T Bone Dive car stunt

T-bone dive

Does your audience enjoy the somewhat rougher stunts? Then this is the stunt for your event! It can't be any easier. Park four cars side by side and drive into it with a fifth car at full speed. The effect is amazing; the moving car hits the first car, flips over, and lands upside down on the parked cars. Of course this stunt will be performed with a beautiful fire effect at the moment of impact. A beautiful spectacle both during the day and during the evening, and a fantastic ending to your event. No fireworks show can compete with this. This is fireworks, tension and sensation all in one!
If desired, the parked cars can first be used for other stunts. We have many more car stunts that can serve as warm-up stunts to the big climax; the T-bone dive stunt. Stunts like a roll over crash, a sidewinder crash or a somersault crash.
For this stunt a reasonable amount of space is required. The car hits the parked cars at 80 km / hour (50 miles/hour) and must have enough run-up for this. The car then flips over the four parked cars, and behind these cars we need a safety margin.
The build up time is about 15 minutes. This stunt does not have to be built up before the start of the event, but this can be done during the event.
For you as an organization it is of course important that all this happens safely. And of course that is also very important to us. The car is pre-equipped with a roll cage, four-point seat belt, race seat, race tank and safety switch. The stuntman himself is also fully protected with helmet and neck brace from the Formula 1 racing world. A connecting body protector, fire retardant clothing and more.
Nothing is left to chance for a safe T-Bone Dive stunt. But your audience does not need to know that. Let them enjoy the illusion that it is really all extremely dangerous.