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Stuntteam Daring Dantes was once famous for doing the biggest and most extreme stunts immaginable at big events such as tractor pulling events, truckraces and many, many others.  With  more then 50 shows a year for nearly 20 years we had build quite a name for ourselves in the European show market.


Today we provide  action for television programmes, comercials, TV series and movies.  We specialise in the technical part of the stunts, and often work with or under a stunt-coordinator to achief the maximum action result for your production. 

Motion picture work often requires special materials and special techniques in order to create just the shot you are aiming for.

After more then 30 years in the stunt  business nothing is impossible for us. Whatever it is you are looking for just drop us a note or give us a call and together we will make it happen.After years of expirience is both show and video productions with Dantes Stunt Services you can insure your production of the best and safest action possible.