Dantes Stuntshows, like no other stuntshow.

We guarantee that your audience has never seen anything like this before, and will be talking about it for a long time. Our stunts and shows make every event a huge happening. We help you to announce the stunt in the press and together with you we will make your festival into the event of the year.
Let your audience marvel at the enormous agility of these stunt people, and offer them the thrill that comes with a real car and motorcycle stunt show. By combining excitement and humour and a wide discipline of stunts at a high pace, the audience remains fascinated from the first to the last second.
A motorcycle jump over trucks, or even with landing in a moving truck. A car jump straight through a bus, or even through several buses. Heavy car crashes, burning men, fire tunnels, everything is possible.
As the only stunt team in the world we perform the car front flip in live shows. This is without a doubt the most extreme stunt your audience has ever seen live. You have to see this to believe it!
A tuning event attracts a different audience than a truckers festival. What may be possible on a racetrack may not be possible in a village square. Together with you as organisers we will discuss which stunts or shows best suit your event. Safety is a big issue during stunt shows. Don't forget to click on the safety button. The most important thing is that we have more than 30 years experience with this kind of potentially dangerous shows and can perform them safely, and are the only ones in the Netherlands to have our stunts and shows well insured. There is always sufficient safety equipment on the stunt site. All stunt people know how to act in case of an emergency and are in possession of First Aid diplomas. Of course, we only work with adults with valid driving licenses for the vehicles they drive during the shows. Show with vehicles asks for professionals! Do not take any risks, go for Dantes Stunt Services.